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Memories are timeless treasures of the heart.

Photos are a great way of documenting emotions and the beautiful memories we create with our loved ones; friends, family members, spouse, et.al.

When planning a photo session, we all want to capture the authenticity of the moments, the emotional energy from all involved, and the intimate setting/environment we are in, all of which are essential for the overall visualization of the final artwork.

5 things to look out for when searching for a photo session location with your loved ones:

1. What story do you want to tell?

Every picture tells a story. When deciding on a photo shoot session with your loved ones, consider the story you’d like the artwork to tell and select the location that best amplifies or helps visualize that story easily.

When deciding on the stories we want to tell through the photos, we are only limited by our imagination.

To narrow down on the stories, ask yourself some of these questions;

a)   What memories are you reminiscing on or looking to create?

b)  What life achievements or milestones are you celebrating?

c)   How does the other person(s) make you feel?

d)  What future aspirations do you share?

e)  What emotions are you celebrating?

Example: For a family that’s big on celebrating the Easter Holiday together and are looking to document the love and joy they share in the resurrection of Jesus, having their photo session at their family home/farm, a church compound, or an intimate family picnic site would be a great decision.

If you’re having a difficult time deciding on the most intimate scenery, let your photographer in on the story you’d love to tell and they’ll help you settle on a location that best suits you.

 2. How exclusive is your desired location?

Constant interruptions by third parties when the photoshoot is in session can be a huge vibe killer. To reduce the likelihood of being interrupted, consider days/times when there’s less traffic in any public establishments that you’d love to shoot at.

Identify the level of interaction with the outside world that you’d like reflected in your photos, and then choose a suitable location.

3. How accessible is the location?

Many private establishments have photography regulations, ranging from total prohibition to fees payable for shoots. Once you identify a preferred location, find out if there are any restrictions, budget for the costs, and clear with the management before the day of the photoshoot.

There are times, however, where the limitations of access apply to age and capacity limits. If you’re planning a shoot for your family or friends, confirm that you meet all the criteria for entry, especially if children are involved.

Working with a professional photographer can help make the location selection experience smooth as they can help you get access to different establishments that they have prior engagements with. They can also advise on the best alternatives in case your preferred location does not allow photography, or help recreate the mood you’d like to feature in your photos by shooting from the comfort of your home.

4. What is the look and feel of the location?

How we marry our photo sessions with nature or the surrounding landscape determines the final look and feel of our artwork.

Visualize and discuss with your photographer the level or kind of intimacy with nature or architecture that you’d love captured during your photo session.  What does your environment of choice mean to you and your loved ones?

The lure of a location is dependent on your style, personal preferences, and the story you are looking to tell.

Example: A golfing couple that wants to document their anniversary may choose to have their photo session in their favorite golf course. The ambiance of the golf course helps amplify their love & life story in the artwork when they are naturally photographed engaging in a sport they both love.

 5. What are your personalities and common interests?

A photo session with your loved ones should reflect who you are, the common interest you share, and the bond you share as a couple, friends, or family. The location you choose should not only tell the love you have for each other but also highlight the things you like to do together.

For a successful photo session, all people involved should be in a comfortable state and, therefore, the location of choice should have a relaxing effect on all participants.

Example: For a family that’s big on sharing their home/space with their friends, having the photo session with the friends at home as opposed to a public space or camping site enriches the artwork more and helps document the way in which they interact with each other in the intimate space.


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