Giveaway Terms and Conditions | Katz Photography

1. Description:

Katz Photography would request utmost honesty in the stories being submitted for this giveaway as this photography experience session is purely to show gratitude to those who came through for you STRICTLY during the COVID season.

2. Eligibility:

Anyone can be nominated for this giveaway with the exception of your immediate family.

3. Winner Selection:

The final decision of who qualifies for the Experience session is at the discretion of Monicah and Timothy of Katz Photography.

4. Privacy:

  • The stories received shall remain private and confidential between the nominator, the nominee and Katz Photography.
  • The nominee can choose to have the photos taken remain private and Katz Photography shall respect their decision. No questions asked.

5. Deliverables:

  • The duration of the Photography Experience session shall be for 1-2 hours maximum at their home or a venue within Nairobi. If the venue has photography charges then the nominee shall bear that cost.
  • Katz Photography shall edit the nominee’s 10 favorite photographs and share on soft copy for download via a secure link.
  • Any other images the Nominee would wish to own are available at Kshs 500 per photograph.
  • Katz Photography will help to design and order any other artwork like Albums and Wall Art that the Nominee would like to own.

6. Social Distancing:

The photographers shall observe social distancing guidelines including wearing of a mask during the entire session.

7. Cancellation:

Katz Photography shall cancel a session with any nominee if they feel the story submitted is not genuine.