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Today, I would like to give you some thoughts to consider when choosing the suppliers for your wedding day.

It is so easy to dive right into planning your wedding and start sending out random emails to potential florists, photographers, caterers, DJ’s and Venue owners. After all, you as a couple are so excited about the most memorable day of your lives and the planning is but a detail.

Hold your horses!!!!

There are a few things we wish we knew when we were planning for our wedding. Allow me to share my thoughts and hopefully save you some heartaches.

Before you start closing deals with service providers, here are a few thoughts:

  1. Pick a date

Start with choosing a date for your wedding day. However, before you settle on the date, consider somethings.

Are any of your family members travelling from miles away? Is the date convenient and will it give them enough time to plan to travel?

Are there any religious ceremonies or national holidays that might coincide with your date and so on?

If you don’t have an exact date yet, choose a month that will guide you on the next steps.

  1. Guest count

What is the size of your dream wedding?  Have you desired a small or large wedding?

Deciding who gets the invitation and who gets a pass can be very stressful especially in our African culture. Remember our parents want all their friends to come and witness their children getting married.

However, creating a guest list is extremely helpful whichever way when deciding on the wedding venue. This helps you decide on which venue to pick, narrow down on the caterer and agree on the logistics if you will be providing transport and/or accommodation for your guests.

  1. Have an idea of your venue

Ever since you were a little child, you have dreamt of your wedding day, and this is especially for the bride.

You have envisioned yourself walking down the aisle or waiting for your bride at the altar.

Is your dream wedding taking place in a garden or a church building? This will help you decided on the kind of venue you settle for.

Remember that the number of guests expected will have an impact of your venue choice.

When it comes to the reception, would you prefer a formal setup like a ballroom or a more relaxed location under the golden hour of the African Savanna somewhere in the bush?

Your venue will impact a couple of other decisions, so it’s important to book that before you move on to the other suppliers, particularly if a venue has a preferred or exclusive vendor list.


  1. Know what matters to both of you

As a couple, you need to agree on the services that will best tell your story. Remember, your wedding day will be a narration of your love story and a reflection of who you are.

The cost for every service from your wedding planner, to your florist, to your photographer will vary a lot.

Figure out what matters to you and allocate your budget accordingly. For instance, if photography is important and you want the very best, your budget should reflect that.

  1. Prioritize your service providers

When selecting service providers, give priority to the service providers who will come to the site in person as opposed to those that might send a team.

For example, we at Katz Photography can only take one event at a time because the whole team will be on-site to give your event the attention it deserves.

Another example is a makeup artist. Chances are that the person you select is the one who will come to do the bride on the wedding day. The wedding planner is also another person who will be there in person.  Others who might fall in this category are DJ’s and some videographers.

Once you have dealt with this category of service providers, now you can start handling those that will send a team to your event.

You have come this far, here’s my bonus tip.


  1. A wedding is a celebration of a love story and you shouldn’t let it drain you.

Remember after the wedding there is a marriage which you should focus on. Start planning way ahead of time to avoid last minute rush and to secure service providers that will best execute your dream.

Start thinking about your wedding style or personality and research on service providers that fit those characteristics. If you have your heart set on a garden theme, pick a florist who is comfortable and excited about garden events.

We’d be happy to hear your experience. Feel free to share in the comment section below.