Best Weddings of 2017…

Best of the Best

We lack the words to describe the year 2017 but in one word… it was EPIC, both personally and as wedding photographers and we thank God.

We are so grateful to all the couples that entrusted us with their weddings. We travelled the most and had very interesting weddings that we had ever shot. We re-invented our business, changed our wedding photography style and just chose to see weddings differently.

This is definitely the longest blog post and it wasn’t easy coming up with about 100 of our favourite images.¬† These are weddings we were entrusted with between April and Dec and our focus was purely the Art behind the landscapes, Authentic Moments of the entire wedding and of course creative Story Telling with interesting lighting, composition and colour.

At the bottom is the slideshow version of this blog.

From¬†Monicah and I, Timothy…Enjoy!

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