Family Portraits & Wedding Photography in Kenya.

We help couples and families relive good memories through artwork that transcends generations.

Family Portraits & Wedding Photography in Kenya.

We help couples and families relive good memories through artwork that transcends generations.


Katz Photography

Weddings are events that we all treasure. Most people do not get to repeat them. A wedding photographer should just capture the natural moments that happen during your wedding without necessarily making you stand in a certain way, look in a certain direction or even have a certain smile that is not you.

That’s what we do for a living. We capture your wedding day in the most natural way and keeping it real.

We are KATZ Photography. We capture the MOMENT; we tell the STORY and then help you with the display of the ART that is produced.

Every couple has envisioned their wedding day and they look for someone to help them document it. We capture the smiles of the bride as she wakes up; the frustration of the groom as he tries to tie his bow tie; the aunties as they refuse to release the bride at the bride’s home; the anxiety of the groom waiting for his bride on site; the authentic moments of a dad as he holds back tears when he hands over his daughter to another man not sure of how the future looks; joy of the mother as she know she has another son in the fold; the excitement of the couple as the day finally comes and the energy generated as the DJ “spins the wheels” during the reception.

We are there as a new family story is created and born. We are there to document the next season in your life as babies are added to the new family. We are there for you as your Maternity and Newborn Photographers in Kenya.

As the family grows, we capture the memories for you. We capture the moments as the children are born, as they grow and as the nest gets empty.

At KATZ Photography, we are your family photographers. We are about you and your relationship.

It is Moments, Story Telling & Art


To capture your Authentic MOMENTS

We help you document all your good moments in life. Weddings, Birthdays, Family Events or simply Family memories.

We work with you to discover who you are, what you mean to each other, what you value and then make these moments memorable.

It is about AUTHENTIC MOMENTS that are meaningful to you

To tell your STORY

Would you like to remember the joy that came when you wedded your friend, or getting your babies, or even the joy your family brings? At KATZ photography, we help you tell that story.

We take photos of you and your family in the most natural way. We take them in the most relaxed atmosphere. We give it a finish that tells the story creatively. We help you remember your celebrations and great moments. We let you tell your story through photography.

To deliver Unique & Quality ART

Art stores great memories. Whether digitally or in albums, we do it for you. Whether for the living room, the private areas or even for sharing with people you love, our ART will deliver it. We creatively produce unique and quality ART to store those memories for you.

50 years later, your family will need something to remind them of those great moments of yesteryears. The unique ART we produce will do it for you.

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